Hi!! My name is “HOZMETAL”, I would like to explain about this “BABYMETAL BIOGRAPHY” and my wish about this website.


This website is not only run by me, I would like to heap this website up together with everybody who loves BABYMETAL.

That means not only I write article, “You” can write an article too!!

If you are a BABYMETAL fan who wants to express about how you love BABYMETAL or would like to share information /Pictures of BABYMETAL, you are very welcome to join this website.

Please feel free to fill in following application form and submit if you would like to become an author of this website. (applicant may not always be chosen as author)

My thought about “BABYMETAL BIOGRAPHY”

Since I found BABYMETAL at YouTube by chance about 2 years ago, I have become a big fan of them and been their live multiple times.
I would like to write detail about this encounter with BABYMETAL as an article later.
I have such big enthusiasm about BABYMETAL.

I think it is not only me have this enthusiasm about BABYMETAL, maybe some people already write about BABYMETAL on their blog or other media, I thought it is very exciting if those fan including me can get that enthusiasm together as article of this one website.
I really wish and think it is exciting that worldwide BABYMETAL fans also join as authors and make this website together.
I would like this website becomes a place where all of BABYMETAS fans enthusiasm gather, not only information, that way we all can express to the world about BABYMETAL.
BABYMETAL start expanding their activities at overseas more in 2014.
Let’s make BABYMETAL BIOGRAPY together with fans all over the world!!

Preferred Article

  • Any original article written by your point of view!!!
  • Translation of the article which is in this website(any language welcome)

Not preferred Article

  • An article about writing about BABYMETAL negatively
  • An article criticize any other artist
  • Personal advertisement or event notification (it is ok if it is related with BABYMETAL or Kami-band)
  • Reproduction article from other website
  • A translated overseas article without permission by its author.
  • Any inappropriate pictures.

Article meet above conditions may not be published, and the author’s account may be removed.


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