Now every BABYMETALhead (or mosh’sh mate) must be so pumped to see all those fancam videos from the recent NYC and London shows, along with THAT new anthem song and the news of the DVD/Blue-ray release of BUDO-KAN concerts held in March. So I completely understand this is a bit out of place by now and came so late, but here I share my experience to attend Heavy Montreal back in August!

The announcement of BABYMETAL’s appearance at HM came out on the very next day of my flight ticket purchase to UK for Sonisphere. So naturally I was like “Oh, don’t do this to me, Kitsune-sama! You could have told yesterday.” But after all, I was happy that I got to see them twice at different festivals — I couldn’t stay till the first London show, I had to go back to the US right after Sonisphere.

On Friday August 8th, I took the afternoon off and rushed to the local airport to fly to Montreal. As I am in the East of the US, it was a fairly quick, smooth trip. I landed almost as the sun set, and headed to the hotel I am staying. I spent the rest of the evening just walking a bit around the city, but my mind is somewhere else wondering how awesome experience I am up to on the next day!


August 9th. With all the excitement I already had, I could barely resist walking too fast or starting to run from the hotel to the station in the morning. The access to the venue was very easy with the subway, once you got off to the ground level the gate to the festival is just in front of you. I waited about an hour or so before they opened the gate. There were already thousands of people in line. BABYMETAL was scheduled to play second. At this point, I was not sure how close I could get to the stage.

But I was lucky. The first band was going to play on the main stage on the left, so most people lined up from the morning went to the left side, while BABYMETAL is the first on the right stage, which is actually only slightly smaller compared to the main stage. Two stages were side by side. And look! I was one of the very first to secure the front position!

Stage2 stage

I came here all by myself, which made me a bit worried, but I had no hesitation to show off my Gimme-Choco shirt from Sonisphere! People around me were like “Oh, that’s cool. Where’d you get it?”. Yes, I am hard-core, I put a Kitsune sign up. I met some nice babymetal fans from all different regions, Boston, New Jersey, New York City, and so on.

Some dude, apparently from Europe, asked me if I was also at the Paris show in July. I wish I were! But hell no. I know we all Japanese may look pretty much the same to Westerners, and it is not really fun to be seen like that. However, I let it go, didn’t care, because they are here for Babymetal. Not bad buys.

Having impatiently waited for another hour or two, after the first band finished on the left, we were more than ready to scream and shout. BABYMETAL chant. Awesome warm up before the girls rock the stage.

And finally, the time has come. Kitsune sama celebrates. Always the epic is the intro Kamishibai (picture-story) followed by BABYMETAL DEATH.

Sorry it is not complete. I stopped filming, went for jumping and mosh’shing.

It is almost useless to even try to describe the experience in a sentence. It is not like what you saw on Youtube. It is real. We are all alive. The ONE!

Crazy. Kawaii. Crazy. Heavy. Kawaii. Bizarre. Metal. Awesome. Beautiful. Yes, BABYMETAL. 




Here is another shot clip that I took during Kami band solos. Yes, I was this close!! Too bad Leda san seems to have some issue with the sound (not filmed here).


I decided not to shoot any more videos but instead just completely immerse myself in this spectacular musical experience. So you just have to search by yourself to find fancams.

Honestly, the setlist was nothing unexpected. There was a long silence before IDZ, presumably due to some technical problems of PA. I really hoped that they could add one more song to Sonisphere setlist, but sadly they didn’t. Yet it did not change the fact that I had a blast time.

Once it is done, you feel how fast it passed already, and feeling blue. I needed to take some rest in the wood before coming back to check out other bands. I stayed till the end to see Metallica of course, and it was awesome. I could really see how they are still powerfully capable of rocking the tens of thousands audience.

P1010249 P1010252


August 10th. I was just walking around the city. My BABYMETAL experience during this trip is over. That is what I thought.


So I was not ready for a small, but happy surprise I found in the city while I was exploring for sightseeing! What do you think? I could not believe my eyes at the fist sight!


I know these girls! Our girls!!! Wow, they are on the cover of a local free paper!


I could not help but grabbing three copies as a souvenir. Anxiously turning pages to find where and how much they are mentioned, I realized it is all in French. Yes, I forgot it was in Montreal. But I could still see the mention of Sakura Gakuin’s name, presumably as the parent group where BABYMETAL was initially formed of. And later I found the online version of the article of free paper Voir. For those who read French, here is my souvenir.

Miel et venin

The title translates “Honey and venom”.

Seeing BABYMETAL at a metal festival (or festival in general) is quite different from their own concerts. People around me were all fans, but most of the audience back were not. They were just casually trying to check out what BABYMETAL has to offer musically and visually. So it is definitely an awesome experience to witness how these Japanese teenage girls and Kami band can shake those neutral people (we all know we are NOT anymore!) and make most of hem love BABYMETAL throughout a short setlist. I would love to go their concerts whenever possible, but at the same time I believe they should also continue their resistance at various festivals in the world. But of course, only the fox god knows! (I am so happy to see the girls learning English so quick. I can say Su’s pronunciation is getting really good. )

For those who still like to check the whole setlist at Heavy Montreal, this is something posted by someone.

(P.S. I just realized this combined clip has playback from the record over the live sound and sounded somewhat unnatural…)