Hello all Mosh’sh Mates all of the world.
I’m Metal Resistance in Japan.

BABYMETAL’s official keep the tickets of BABYMETAL LEGEND 2015 -NEW YEAR FOX FESTIVAL-”for fans outside of Japan! Namely, for you!

A lot of fans in Japan haven’t got the ticket.
I cannot understand why so many people cannot get it, because NEW YEAR FOX FESTIVAL will be hold at Saitama Super Arena,the max seating capacity is over 30,000.It Makes sense, the official must have reduced the ticket supply amount in Japan.

Anyway, this is good chance to see BABYMETAL in Japan!
(And now Japanese Yen is cheap so it’s easier to come to Japan for people from different countries than usual.)

If you come to Mosh’sh Pit in Saitama Super Arena, have fun! And let’s high five!
And then hanging out to drink!!(^0^)/

Please check web site if you know more details about the concert.
See you!