How are you, Good evening!!

Some of you may of already seen it, but today on “Zoom In Saturday (Zumusuta)” BABYMETAL was featured segment.

As you may of heard, Zumusuta gathered fans. Was this the first time, fans were gathered for a feature segment?

Everyone was wondering what kind of the feature it was going to be!?

On the day of the shoot, my work ended before noon… so I participated in the taping as it as in the afternoon!! Here are my thoughts… or is it a report? Well I write this like that…

So we gathered at meeting location. The Mosh’sh Mates (BABYMETAL fan term used in Japan) started gathreing. There were familiar faces and some people I met for the first time!! There were even four little ones.

Because we all love BABYMETAL we gelled quickly, even if it was our first time meeting each other.

The cameras were set up and the staff just told us “Watch the Legend DVD and enjoy it like if you are at the show”

I will write down things by songs that stood out for me.

Head Bangya!! -Night of 15 Mix-
It was the first song, so we were a little shy. But by halfway through we were headbanging as if we were at the show.

Gimme Chocolate!!
It’s Gimme Chocolate!! I personally like Gimme Chocolate!! so I was gonna go into it, full force like I do at the show… but then it happened!?


The little ones (Four of them) formed a circle pit!! The kids were running around in circles!! The adults were surprised by this! and the staff was very surprised by the look on their faces.

At this point we were really into it by “Sore! Sore! Sore! Sore, Sore, Sore, Sore!” as we danced and headbanged… were we at the height of being pumped up!?

Ijime Dame Zettai
I don’t have to tell you . We completely recreated it as if we were at the show♬ from the little ones to adults we really had fun, we did our “ai no te” and we liven up the room. It was the most energetic fun we showed all night.

Catch me if you can
The little ones formed a circle pit and moved around, and the adults formed a circle pit and moved around!

Akatsuki (Unfinished Ver.)
The little ones singing along to Akatsuki, it was very memorable. As for me… every time I hear Akatsuki I shed a tear.

And for some reason…

For the Budokan Announcement / Album release informational video, I raised my voice in joy!! lol

The taping went something like that.

After that during the interview, I was so nervous. I don’t recall what they asked!? I don’t normally get interviewed, so of course it was normal to be nervous.

I was relieved to find out, my interview wound up on the cutting room floor. lol

There was a memorable moment when they interviewed the little ones.

Interviewer “What was fun today?”

Kids “We Moshed!”

We were surprised with the little ones uttering “Mosh” out of their mouth!! The other adults were surprised as well!!

After the interview, we all took a photo and disbanded.

It was a fun, fun taping!! I got an experience something precious, being part of a TV feature segment. If, there is another opportunity…. I will try my best to be able to answer back properly when interviewed.

To the people who told me about this,
To the cast and crew,
The the people I met during the filming,
To the Zumusuta staff
To the people watching Zumusuta
and the people who read this blog till the end

Thank you very much.