Hello Mosh Mate!
I translated BABYMETAL’s interview on yesterday TV program.
If you don’t know the TV program, read this article.

Interviewer: How was this year for you?

SU-METAL: We experienced a lot of occurrences that we cannot believe because of the unreality in this year. I’m very happy because we could communicate with a lot of people through our music, even if they don’t understand our language, but they accepted our music.

about Sonisphere

MOAMETAL: At first, we thought that many people who like Metal music won’t accept our music, so actually, we felt uneasy (about playing at Sonisphere), but the audiences made us relax and fun!

YUIMETAL: I felt nervous because that was our first time playing in front of more than fifty thousand people, however as song goes on, singing or dancing people increased, so I was very happy I could see they liked BABYMETAL.

SU-METAL: I think the live concert like a battle.
meaning the battle with audiences, and with myself, to carry out my performance to the last.
Be myself, we want to be the ONLY ONE and we are trying to do what only we can do, so we will keep believing BABYMETAL.

I think BABYMETAL’s concert is always very powerful.
I feel I understand the reason.
They think “live concert is a battle” and they always do their best.
So their performance always move us deeply, and always make us feel new.

■You can read original Japanese script this site.

See you.