Well you asked for it, you waited for it and now finally, you’ve got it. This week saw the release on iTunes US and Europe of the first BRAND NEW song from Kawaii Metal tornadoes Babymetal, in the form of the face melting speed metal number Road of Resistance. Those of you with enough spare rupees lying about to have splashed out on either DVD release or live album recording of the Black Night/Red Night shows at the Nippon Budokan (Oooh fancy, fancy) will have had this roaring away on your playlist for some weeks now. For the rest of us mere mortals, only now have we had the chance to sacrifice a nugget of our hard earned on this latest offering from Japans finest kawaii-metallers and you can rest assured it does NOT disappoint.

Not just content with doing away with credibility questions from the Metal Elitist militants, the band have taken a flamethrower to any possible ambiguity over their righteous position in amongst the finest that the heavy music fraternity have got to offer right now by joining up with DragonForce. The British melodic power metal legends, long time fans and supporters of the band, have contributed guitars to the track and the results are impressive at absolute worst and spectacular at best.

Being one of the fortunate folks who was lucky enough to be front and centre at the Brixton show to see the song make it’s global debut, I can provide wholesome and honest testament to it’s efficacy in a live situation, and the studio version is even more devastating, if you can imagine that. Coming in at an eye watering 2 million beats per minute (exaggeration alert) this makes it officially faster and more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider and definitely more fearsome and heart pounding than being chased a grumpy tiger with its tail on fire. The chorus is melodic and singalongable (there’s that word again!) and there is an excellent bridge mid-track which provides all of those opportunities for lunatic crowd participation which are fast becoming a Babymetal standard. The song has a discernible anthemic quality reminiscent of IDZ and has the potential to be just as much of a staple of the BM live set.

Whether or not this furious speedster of a track will be included as part of what all fans are hoping will be a forthcoming new album in 2015 remains to be seen with rumours of a forthcoming album being neither confirmed or denied by the label However, what we can be sure of is that this track is likely to scream to the top of metal charts across the world and the era of Babymetal domination ushered in in 2014 is set to march on into 2015 and beyond!